125,000 Copies in Two Weeks!!!!

Oh. My. God.

My publisher just told me we’ve sold out of the 125,000 copies we printed of Revelations in two weeks. And they’re going back to print 50,000 more.


People!! I am floored. Just gobsmacked. Like someone just hit me on the back of the head with a bludger.

That is so fracking cool.

I am so humbled. You know when people win an Oscar, they go up to the podium and they say, “I am so humbled” and you want to throw your popcorn at them?? Like, puh-leeze. Like we believe you. Humbled? Your head must be so big it’s about to explode right now out of our TV screens. SPARE US YOUR FALSE HUMILITY.

And yet. And yet. I DO feel humbled. You know, when I wrote Blue Bloods, when I started figuring out the mythology, and getting really into it, I was just excited because of the sheer pleasure of creating the world and the characters and getting caught up in the story. And the cool part is—it’s STILL like that, except now I have all of you to take on this journey with me. And that is SO awesome. And scary, too. But mostly awesome.

When I was a kid I used to draw and tell stories at the same time, mostly for my sister and our best friend, I would narrate as I drew the action, and they loved it, and I loved it too, because it gave me a chance to show off. I guess that’s what it feels like, knowing there’s an audience for my story. That someone’s listening. And even though it’s not just Aina and Treena listening to me anymore, but thousands of you, it’s still the same thrill. Someone’s listening to my story. Cool.

When I was writing Revelations I was paralyzed by so much angst, but now I just feel FIRED UP and READY TO GO. I’M SO EXCITED about the story I’m about to POP!

Ok. Back to earth. Have a nice Sunday everyone!