Fourth, NOT FINAL – A Big Difference

Just wanted to clear up a few things: The fourth Blue Bloods book, The Van Alen Legacy is NOT the final book in the Blue Bloods series. Not at all!

I have planned many books. I have a big story to tell and I won’t rest until it’s all told in the right way.

I don’t know yet when Book Four will publish, most likely Fall 2009 is my best guess. When there is a more definite date, I will share it with you. I am still writing this book. And it’s really fun to be back at work again.

Oh and exciting news! The Blue Bloods series has just been bought by Simon & Schuster Down Under (Australia). Yay! Welcome all you Aussie Blue Bloods. And because we live in a VERY small world, I just found out that the publisher at S&S Oz (who bought the series) is the sister of a friend of MY sister. (My sister lived in Australia for several years because she married a Kiwi. Not the fruit. A New Zealander.) Anyway, cool beans. And welcome Aussie Blue Bloods!