Ah, Young Love

Today’s Revelations quote is about Schuyler. Pronounced Sky-ler, not Shoo-ler. A frequently asked question which I somehow never seem to find the time to answer in the FAQs. But there you have it.

“She wanted to run to him—to skip, giggling into his arms—but she savored the way he was looking at her.”

Who’s she running to? What’s she gigging at??? Who’s looking at her?? Only time will tell! The book comes out October 28th! Order your copy now from B&N or Amazon!

I’m in New York next week! Come see me!

Wednesday: October 15, 2008 (4:00 PM)
New York Public Library – Tompkins Square Branch
331 E 10th St
New York, NY 10009
(212) 228-4747

I’ll be talking vampires, cliques, fashion and writing! Come stop by and hang!

Meanwhile, it’s a sleepy Sunday over here. We spent the morning at the Getty with the kid, having brunch at their cafe that looks over the Malibu hills, all the way to the ocean, and then wandering around all the gorgeous travertine. We were going to try and see the Bernini sculpture exhibit but that was not going to happen with Mattie, happily they had a family room where she made a mask and built a sculpture and played with the other kids. So much cheaper than Disneyland! Plus you get culture points so you don’t feel so bad when you turn on the DVD and watch Cinderella for the nth time.