Star-Crossed Loff, Canadian Release Date!

Today’s Revelations quote is about Bliss and Dylan! Another pair of star-crossed loffahs…

“Before he’d left they’d had…not quite a relationship, but more than a flirtation. They’d been about to start something…She still remembered the taste of his skin, the feel of his hands…”


The book comes out October 28th! Order your copy now from B&N or Amazon!

And I also have to add: if you buy your copy from Target (my favorite store, next to Barneys) there’s a special surprise for Target customers!

Canadian readers: Revelations also comes out October 28th in Canada, not December as your bookstore might have told you. They have the wrong release date. The book will definitely be out Oct 28th up north, I have been told by Hyperion’s Canadian account rep himself! 🙂

It’s cold and overcast and autumnal in L.A. today—so noice. Isn’t October your favorite month? It’s definitely mine. Mike and I met in October, and we got married in October also. We picked our wedding date to be as close to the anniversary of our first date as possible.

On our first date Mike brought ten dollars. I brought six of my friends. Hey, I was keeping it casual! And I guess Mike was too, LOL! I got rid of my friends half-way through the date by kicking them out of the booth at Old Town tavern (it’s still there on 18th St—memories, like the corners of my mind…) by saying, “You guys can go now, I think he likes me!” when Mike went up to the bar to get us another round of pints (Ten dollars covered exactly two rounds back then!).

Well I’m leaving for Noo Yawk tomorrow, so I gotta pack! I hope it’s cold in New York because I’m bringing my new fur!