All You Need is Love (Poems)

Dudes and Dudettes,
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Today I bring you the top love poems. I’m a sucker for a good love poem, and I really enjoyed reading all of them.

The majority of the entries dealt with the Schuyler/Jack relationship. I liked this one the most because it was simple and it ended really well. This is about Jack.

Green eyes like emeralds;
They burn with insatiable fire.

Only one thought lingers within,
Only one girl,
Only one holds his heart.

An uncontrolled passion;
A passion deeply concealed.

A love that runs deep beneath the glassy surface;
A fear that runs deep beneath the glassy surface.

Only one thought,
Only one person, can give him his Light.

-Lila N.

And this one is from Schuyler’s POV. This poem reminds me of the kind of poetry I used to write. I like the repetition of “I can’t” in the last lines, and I think it ends really well too.

My heart is pumping at the speed of light
My hands are vibrating
My palms are sweating
My brain tells me to scream but my mouth stays closed
I can’t tell what I’m feeling
I can’t say what to do
I can’t think of the answer
Just of you.

-Jessica H.

There were also a ton of poems about Mimi and Jack’s relationship, and this is the one I liked the most, because it showed Mimi’s serious side, and her heartbreak.

I want you to know
I love you with all of my soul
And every life we’ve lived
Every single touch and sweet kiss
Has proven we’re still strong
For centuries still to come.
But now everything’s gone wrong—
I thought I was the only one.

-Kassy P.

We also got tons of poems about Schuyler and Oliver, which were very sweet and had a different flavor from the Jack/Sky poems. It was interesting to me that the poems about the Jack/Sky relationship dealt with him being tortured because he was torn between Sky and Mimi, or Sky being tormented because she couldn’t have him, whereas the ones from Oliver’s point of view were more confident about his love. I’m not going to say if you guys are right about this—you’ll have to read the book to find out! But I did like these poems a lot because they were so sweet.

I love the title and the last lines of this one:

My Sky

Her eyes are so gentle,
Her touch makes me shiver,
Her smile could light a darkened path,
Or melt a frozen river.

She knows me better than anyone,
And for her I would gladly die,
I am her Oliver,
And she is my Sky.

I know how I feel,
I have always loved you,
I know this is wrong,
But I want you to love me too.

She is a vampire,
I am only a guy,
But I could be her sun,
She could be my Sky.

-Natalie K.

This poem reminds me a lot of e.e. cummings, who is one of my favorite poets, hence this poem really spoke to me:

She yelled ‘let’s sink the sun
And dance in the night
All the other stars may shine
But the sun must go’

And he replied with ‘anything for you, dear’
And ran off in search of rope
To catch the sun
Even though he was afraid of the dark.

– Darylove

This one is from Schuyler’s point of view. I thought this was well done, although I wonder if Schuyler’s a bit more ambivalent in her feelings towards Oliver than this poem imagines.

First taste

His neck:
So tender,
So soft;

His smell:
So luscious,
So succulent,

I listen:
His heartbeat
Soars rapidly,

I feel:
Starvation consuming
My heart.

My lips:
Touch skin,

The crimson
Dashes through me
To veins
Of blue.

I push:
Away, from
Hunger, for love.

And there
He sits,
Astounded and dazed:

My love.
My life.
My joy.

-Macy P.

Yay!!! You guys are the best!!! I really love all these poems, more to come tomorrow….