Top Michael/Gabrielle Poems!

We got a lot of entries about Michael and Gabrielle (aka Charles and Allegra) – I’m so glad you guys find their love story as intriguing as I do! In fact, their story is the crux of the Blue Bloods arc, I think. Why did Gabrielle choose to love a human? Why does Michael ask for her forgiveness? Mmmm…stuff to ponder. You’ll have to read the rest of the series to find out!

This poem reminds me of my own poetry, and I like the last line a lot.

My Unending Love

I loved you, you know
I was devastated when
You chose him
I couldn’t believe you would
Defy our destiny.

I loved you, you know
As I was meant to
You loved me for a time
As well, until
He came along.

I loved you, you know
Until he stole your heart
Away from me
Away from my warm embrace.

I loved you, you know
You destroyed me
When you bore him a child
I was yours and you were mine

I loved you, you know
I told you I didn’t love you

I lied.

-Mary Kate A.

Again, the last line of this poem KILLS me. Love!! Also, it’s really hard to write a poem that rhymes that still has cleverness and tells a story.

From the beginning of time they were meant to be
Sharing a blood bond that was plain to see.
And all this time he’s still wondering why
Why did she leave him without a goodbye?

Angels in heaven answer his cries
Give him a reason why the truth became lies.
And when the steel from his heart begins melting away
Give him a reason to continue to pray.

For he has lost a soul mate; a human played and won
The person she once was is now lost and gone.
The savior of the People, the angel Gabrielle,
Resides inside a coma, trapped in a shell.

They promised each other forever, but she left him all alone
And he became Charles Force, a man whose soul is stone.
Now the steely magnate, the one they fear
But deep inside the crevices, he cries his tears.

So he’s here today, holding her hands in his
Why won’t he resurrect her, why did it come to this?
He knows her life depends on him, her last remaining breath—
It’s almost ironic for he’s the angel of her death.

-Shan S.

As my Aussie/NZ relatives say, NOICE!!!! Very cool people. Next up: Top Funny Poems.