Ashleys Trivia and a Correction

Couple of things…

On the inside cover of Jealous it says that the third Ashleys book, Birthday Vicious, isn’t coming out until December 2008. That is wrong, wrong, wrong. It was a misprint! Birthday Vicious actually comes out this AUGUST and the fourth Ashleys book, Lipgloss Jungle, comes out in November 2008. So all you guys who are emailing me about this, no, you won’t have to wait TOO long to read about the Ashleys again… isn’t that awesome? And um, isn’t Tri Fitzpatrick sooooo cute? For those who have still not read the book, Tri Fitzpatrick is the CUTEST yet SHORTEST boy in seventh-grade. He is actually based on a real guy I knew, who was um, also named Tri Fitzpatrick. And he was the cutest and shortest boy in ninth grade, actually. He probably was also the cutest and shortest in seventh grade too, expect I didn’t move to this country until ninth-grade, so I didn’t know him then. He had like this ‘swoosh’ of hair on his forehead and he had, just, the most handsome face I remember seeing when I was 13. Anyway, I danced with him at one of the “Informals” Balls (these super-exclusive and totally formal dance for a “select” group of teenagers in San Fran) my freshman year in high school. Still a highlight of my life…

And yes, Tri does grow taller (in real life and the books). Anyway, I think Tri transfered schools or something (he went to the all-boys school across the street) because I never saw him again after our one dance…and I don’t remember crushing on him after freshman year…but he’s lived on in memory to inspire a great character.

Sometimes I’m so glad I had so many crushes and boyfriends in my life, because I can put them all in my books. Haha.