Just the FAQs ma’am

I just updated the Frequently Asked Questions on this site.

And we are a YEAR behind on returning emails. Aaaah. By “we” I mean, um, me. But I like to use the royal “we”. The royal “we” is when you say stuff like, “We find the opera is fantastic this year” or “We summer in Bridgehampton” or some other pretentious thing… like, “We are behind on emails, m’dear.” Snarf.

But I read all the email, and “we” (me again) will get back to you as soon as we can.

If you read the FAQ’s you’ll find out that the title of Book Four in the Blue Bloods series! 🙂

What else is going on. Finished the first final draft of Revelations!!!! Woohoo!! Book is sooo good my friends. I know you will like. Because every time I read it I get hot and bothered and I want to know what the hell is going to happen, and I’m the one WRITING this. But you know, sometimes when the story is great, you really don’t feel like you’re writing it, you just feel like you’re the voice of all these people in your head and you need to tell their story. Gawd, now if that doesn’t sound precious I don’t know what does.

I really don’t like “precious” writers. You know, writers who have all these hoity toity pronouncements about writing and how suh-suh-suh-sensitive they are. Bring out the hankies! LOL.

Anyway, I gotta get back to the THREE other books I have to finish. But I’ll try to post more often than not.