Ask Me, Ask Me, Ask Me

Hey guys!

I did an interview with the Compulsive Reader -The Ashleys is the book of the month for February! Check it out!

Also, I will be answering reader questions posted on the Compulsive Reader site this Thursday (Feb. 28th) but you can leave questions anytime on the message boards. So go ahead and ask me anything you want! I know you have a lot of Revelations questions!

I’m waist-deep in Revelations and hoping to finish soon. I think we will be giving out chapter samplers (not full galleys because um, the whole book isn’t done yet) at BEA this year, so if you want a sneak peek you know where to find them! And perhaps I will give away some here too.

And I know there’s been a lot of interest in my hosting some kind of Masquerade Ball, which I think WOULD BE SO COOL. So we’ll see what we can do about that in January of next year.