I’m Alive! Or Vegas, Baby

I’m alive, but barely!

What happened? Two deadlines, one big bout of flu, Vaaayyygas, and um…I gues that’s it.

Sorry for the radio silence! I missed you guys too!

I turned in some books (Ashleys books not Blue Bloods – still plugging on Revelations- the only thing I’m working on now – yippee) and then went to Vegas with old old friends. You know you’re around old friends when all you do is smoke and drink and gamble until four in the morning. I love Vegas. It’s so decadent and hardcore and only-for-adults, especially after being trapped in the nursery for over a year, it was so refreshing to just go back to being wanton and irresponsible.

Although it was really funny how NO ONE looked good the next day. In fact, everyone partied way too hard the first night and the successive nights were just… well…let’s just say me and the gang are showing our age. My God! Can I really be frigging THIRTY-SIX? That is RIDICULOUS! I demand a recount!

Of course the first night away from the child (the VERY first away from the baby ever!) I sobbed like a child myself from missing her. Then, you know what, I got over it. And it was really the best thing we’d ever done. It was like all the tension of the past year and a half melted away…just like all our chips at the roulette tables. I loooove roulette – you know, when you get in a groove, you feel like YOU ARE ONE with the wheel…LOL..18! 21! Double zero! Come in black!

I turned in two books which were SO satisfying to turn in, and then got back from Vegas, and immediately came down with the flu for a week. I think it was maybe from all the cohhhcktaillls? I still order Cosmos – something I’ve drank since I was 22. It’s kind of tacky to drink it now, which is why I like it. It’s like a floozy. I like floozies.

Something about Vegas reminded me of something I’d recently read in a book, about how lame it is when adults put in the same restraints in adulthood as they were given when they were children – it’s in Lionel Shriver’s A Perfectly Good Family, where the sister is restricted to two glasses of wine a night by her rigid younger brother who does not approve of excess. The sister, who is the narrator, says, well, what’s adulthood all about then, if we can’t have a little fun?

Anyway, radio silence will probably come back on again since I really want to power through REVELATIONS until I collapse in a heap.

And wake up in Vegas!