Birkin Nation

Yesterday I went shopping. Oh yeah, shopping is GOOD right now. Everything is on sale!!! They’re practically GIVING Lanvin bags away at Barneys. Well, not really, since a thousand bucks for a handbag is still insanely overpriced considering those SAME bags used to be seven hundred dollars (which was the top price for Prada bowling bag in the mid-90s) but because of the crazy exchange rate, now bags start out at stratospheric prices (three thousand? Are they serious? And that’s not even for Chanel or Hermes!) that when they go on sale, they are still in the are-you-kidding rate.

Which makes you (or um, me) just want to go ahead and get that Birkin…because if prices are insane, why not not just have the insane handbag? Loyal readers know I have been obsessing about this bag for decades. On the one hand, you can buy a SmartCar for the same money. (I kind of want a SmartCar in the same way I want a new handbag. They’re SO cute! But I know I’ll be tired of it after a season.) On the other hand…can you really pass down a SmartCar to your grandchildren? Yes, Birkins are that beloved. I was just at a baby shower, and when the expectant mom arrived, none of us wanted to hear about how the pregnancy was going, instead, rumor had it our friend had just Birkined, so it was all “SHOW US THE BIRKIN!” I can report it was caramel with gold hardware and oh-so-yummy. Then another dear friend confessed the other night at dinner that she also, had just Birkined. Black with silver hardware. All us girls at the table demanded she bring it next time for the famous Birkin viewing.

So apparently, the waitlist is bogus. What one must to to acquire one of these bags is to hit the Hermes store everyday when it opens and ask them, casually, if they MIGHT have any Birkins lying around. And perhaps you will be LUCKY enough to be ALLOWED to buy one. Can you imagine? And yet, it makes the Birkinization even more sweet, doesn’t it?

In other news, my new book GIRL STAYS IN THE PICTURE, is my new Au Pairs-like series and it is so yummy and delicious. Champagne showers in St. Tropez anyone? Bring your Birkins!