You are All Winners—Really and Truly!

I hope everyone had a happy Fourth. I spent my holiday weekend at the fabulous Estancia resort in beautiful La Jolla (or as my sister and I have called it the whole time leading up to our vacation: Essstannnsssiaaahhhhhh!!!). Don’t I sound like the Price is Right announcer? “And in THIS showcase, a week at the FABULOUS Estancia resort in BEAUTIFUL La Jolla!! This could all be yours…if the price is right!”) I’ll bid ten thousand, Bob! I actually KNOW someone who went on the Price is Right and WON. I think he won a dishwasher and a trip somewhere. Isn’t that great?

This place where I have lunch—the Farmer’s Market at the Grove, is next to the studios where they tape the show, and you’d always see all these old ladies with “Barker’s Beauties” t-shirts on them. Old ladies and young college kids are the PIR audience. Love it!

Anyway, had a lovely time tanning in our private cabaaanahhh…and then took the kids to Sea World the next day. Which was EXHAUSTING with our one and a half year old. Is it just me or does the dolphin show suck now? I remember going to Sea World and thinking it was beyond awesome—but this time it felt like the dolphins weren’t COORDINATED. Let’s get those dolphins jumping higher! All together now! A lot of the show is just devoted to splashing the folks in the “Soak Zone”. It appears an authentic Sea World experience entails being soaked to the skin by a rampaging dolphin and or killer whale.

Unfortunately we did not even get to see the star of Sea World, Shamu, since Mattie squirmed so much at the dolphin show we had to leave halfway. But we did see some penguins, polar bears and white whales, which was nifty. Then we all went back to our hotel room and collapsed.

Today I worked on my new GIRL book (it’s my new Au Pairs-like series and the first book is called GIRL STAYS IN THE PICTURE). And my new TV pilot. (Which is still super-secret but I love kind-of talking about it.) My TV project is an original idea and not based on my books. I’m sorry I have no news on my books that have been optioned, but i hope you like the TV show if it gets picked up.

And I’ve also begun to read all your fantastic, amazing, awesome poems. I’m really TOUCHED by all your talent and how much you love the Blue Bloods books. Some of the poems have made me laugh out loud (in a good way – they were meant to be funny), some of them left me speechless with awe, and all of them made me think of how cooool and smart you guys are. I love each and every one of them because I knew there was effort put into every one. I’ve read a hundred poems so far and it’s been a really, really interesting and overwhelming experience.

And the good news is—YOU ARE ALL WINNERS!

I told Hyperion how over three hundred of you entered the contest – and they are PRINTING UP THREE HUNDRED COPIES OF THE CHAPTER SAMPLERS SO EVERYONE GETS ONE!!!

How cool is that???

(And talk about burying the lead in this blog!)

But I still want to honor the Top 35 with a special prize, and extra special prizes will go to the Top Three poems.

And yes, I’ve asked again about when I can release the chapter samplers to my newsletter subscribers- they are still checking – so I’m sorry I have no new news on that. BUT, here’s a sneaky suggestion—the first chapter of Revelations is in the paperback release of Masquerade, which I believe is shipping from Amazon and Barnes and Noble right now. So that’s one way to see it! You can just go to your bookstore and read it. (I won’t tell.) Or better yet BUY a copy. I know some of you have been waiting patiently for the paperback so here’s your chance!

More good news – Hyperion and Simon & Schuster are sending me on tour in October to promote my various releases—Revelations and the fourth Ashleys book: Lipgloss Jungle. I’ll post the tour schedule as soon as I know where they’re sending me.

And congrats to everyone who entered the contest! You will be notified by email to send your address to us so we can send you a hot little chapter sampler. And I’ll be sharing the winners very soon—hopefully this week if my work allows it.