Buy Your Copy From Target!!!

Attention Target Shoppers!!!

I have a very special Revelations promo to tell you about today. If you visit any Target store to pick up your copy of Revelations, you’ll receive access to a special website, with a secret chapter excerpt from the book, exclusive for Target guests!

And I urge you to read the story only AFTER you’ve read the book.

And today’s Revelations quote is:


Yup. That’s it. Abomination! Who’s yelling it? Who’s abomination? Who? Why? What? ๐Ÿ™‚ Because of course, Books are out October 28th! You can order your copy now from B&N or Amazon! Or buy it from Target to get that secret chapter excerpt!

Anyway, yesterday I was at the Borders with Mike, and we saw this book PAUL OF DUNE, yet another in the ghost-written continuation of the Dune story, helmed by Frank Herbert’s son Brian. I bought one of these books a few years ago (I think it was “BUTLERIAN JIHAD” or some such title. Dune fans are snickering now) and while it was okay…it wasn’t the same. Kind of like a black and white version of a Cinemascope full-color Panoramic movie. Like watching Lawrence of Arabia on your iPhone. So I didn’t buy any of the other books.

But now—Paul of Dune!! How can you resist it? Instead of continuing the story beyond Heretics of Dune, this is the story after the first book and BEFORE Dune Messiah. So, I picked it up, and then put it down again. No. I should content myself with the first six books. I’m glad the story is continuing, because, hello, I love sequels, and I mean, why not? But I can’t read them. Because I want it to be JUST like the first six and these are just, well, not. Not that there is anything wrong wtih that—some ghost-written continuations are fine. Like, um, the Robotech novels. Which ROCK. Well. Maybe they rock because they didn’t start out as awesome pawesome books.

People always ask me how I knew Mike was “the one.” (Don’t you love how girls talk? We always talk of “the one” as if our future husbands were Neo.) Anyway, I knew Mike was “the one” when I discovered he had also read all six books of the Dune series. Because he’s the ONLY guy I’ve ever met, who’s read and loved Dune…and was CUTE!

Have a happy weekend everyone!