Bonds, Vampire Bonds

Today’s Revelations quote:

“Humans broke their vows every day with no consequence…While it was tradition for vampire twins to bond on their twenty-first birthday, Mimi saw no reason to wait until then.”


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My friend sent me this link from the Times which I thought was really interesting and confirmed what I always believed. When times are tough, we like to escape into frivolous, fanciful drama. Btw, did anyone else feel really moved when Rachel Zoe’s hubby Rodger bought her “Dylan McKay’s Porsche” as an anniversary present? First off, it was so sweet that he knew his wife so well…and secondly, I mean, DYLAN MCKAY’S PORSCHE!!

I always remember that scene from the old 90210 where Dylan drives up in his Porsche and then gives Kelly (or Brenda, I can’t remember which girl was looking at him, since of course, I always imagined MYSELF in their place), and he has that smug, cocky, don’t-you-love-me-because-I’m-beautiful grin. And you’re thinking YES! YES! YES! Sigh.

Any chance we can bring those sideburns back in style? I always thought skinny boys with sideburns were really cute. Blame 90210. And I was totally a Dylan girl. I mean, a kid who lived in his own house? (Remember because his parents were divorced and no one took care of him, SOB!) I was once featured in the Columbia Spectator (our lovely college newspaper) on a story about kids who gathered together and watched the show. And there were the “ironic” fans, who loved the show because “it’s so bad it’s good” and then there were the “true fans” who just loved the show because it WAS good, period. Guess where I fell in the category? Yup, I’ve never been a big hipster poser. I thought the ironic fans were lame. Who needs to hide behind a veil of irony to appreciate 90210? Losers!

Meanwhile, all you guys are like….Dylan McKay?? Who??? Talk to me about Ethan Ward!!! LOL!

And High School Musical 3 is coming out—and how much do we love the trailer???