All You Need Is Loffff

Today was a very big day at Casa Blue Bloods. Of course, I can’t tell you WHY it’s a big day at CBB. But just know that it was a big day. And hopefully we will have some BIG news to share very soon.

And in honor of today, I give you a quote from Revelations about loffff. Or love, but I prefer to think of it as loffff, in a Transylvania accent.

“Yeah, I do love her.”

But I can’t tell you WHO said it because…well, that would spoil the book. As if the book is a piece of meat that, if left out too long, will gather flies. For me, knowing the ending doesn’t spoil anything. Like life, reading is a journey, not a destination.

You can order your copy now from B&N or Amazon!

Now I must go back to GIRL STAYS IN THE PICTURE, which is due on Friday. What’s scarier than a deadline???