I’m giving love in a family dose…sing it!

Today’s Revelations quote is about family.

“Um, I think you and I might be sisters?” – Bliss Llewellyn

Sistahs are doing it for themselves! Uh-huh, uh-huh….Or if you prefer, We ARE Family, I got all my Sistahs with me… Lots of good memories dancing to this song at a myriad of weddings, usually with my sister (and brother—who is a metro) or with a myriad of bridesmaids in black strapless Vera Wang.

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Today I am not going to buy the crocodile Nancy Gonzalez I’ve had my eye on. Or the crocodile Lambertson Truex. Or the crocodile Jimmy Choo Ramona. The Nancy Gonzalez I think is the most reasonable purchase, since it is a third of the cost of the Lambertson and the Jimmy. But still, I just got the new Chanel. I think that should last me at least six more months, don’t you? Unless I get a YSL “Uptown” bag. Which I am sorely tempted to do because I was in New York and my good friend Moll was carrying one and it looked so chic on her arm and I kind of wanted it. I’m a bit of a fashion vampire. I see things on other people and I covet, covet, covet them. Fashion by osmosis!