Fashion, Turn to the Left! Fashion, Turn to the Right!

Today’s Revelations quote is about a fashion show!

“The atmosphere was electric, a noisy cacophony of hysteria reserved for the best rock concerts—the hoots and cheers from the back row energizing the band to play faster and louder, and the models to assume their haughtiest facades.”

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When I was a young fashion journo, I remember standing in the back, craning my neck to see the glamazons strutting the runway. The best part of being in the standing-room crowd was that we were the only ones who would actually cheer and clap during a show. Over the years, when I finally merited a front-row seat, I learned to keep my game face on. It’s really much more fun in the back with the fashion-crazed kids who snuck in. Although I have to say: the ego boost from a front-row seat is pretty fracking good too.

I splurged on the Marni peep-toe platform knee-high boots. And a platform peep-toe patent pump (talk about a tongue twister!) from Christian Louboutin. Although I think from now on this Shopping Diary will document everything I’ve been meaning to buy but won’t, as part of the sign o’ the times.