Celeb Spotting at the Kids Store, Why Are They So Tiny?

I am about to go into a meeting so this is going to be short. This weekend: Nicole Richie at the Pottery Barn Kids at the Grove! With Joel Madden! Exciting. They were picking out lamps with her mom. The funniest thing was the salesclerk who said in a very loud whisper. “Yeah, that’s PARIS HILTON. She comes in here ALL TIME TIME.” I was like, hello???? That’s NICOLE!! You have your Simple Life castmates wrong! Nicole has a baby and is shopping for kidstuf!!! Actually I overheard that they were shopping from Xtina Aguilerra’s registry.

Nicole was very LA-chic in a sheer drapey sweater, sheer scarf wrapped around her neck, and long t-shirt over skinny-skinny jeans and flats. She looked great and tiny but not scary-tiny. More like celebrity tiny. Celebs are always mini-sized. You have to be, because the camera adds ten thousand pounds! But WHY ARE those 90210 girls so tiny? The Gossip Girls look slender and healthy. I also think the main actress Shanae—don’t you love creative spellings of creative names??—looks WAY too old to play a high-schooler. I was seriously watching my first episode and I was like—wait—why is that guy talking to her that way, like she’s a child—-she’s the MOM right—no WAIT—she’s the daughter!! Yikes!! But how awesome to see Kelly and Brenda back on the screen. Boo hiss for not paying Tori enough to come back too.

I am obsessed with the Rachel Zoe show. I die, I die. Didn’t you love when she spent like the equivalent of her husband’s car in half an hour at the vintage store??? I’ll blog more about this later since I have to go or I’ll miss my meeting, but hope everyone is out there shopping. Your economy needs you more now than ever!!

Yours in Chanel,