Everyone needs an Outlet

It’s official! Blue Bloods III: REVELATIONS will be out October 28, 2008!

Just in time for Halloweeen!!!

And there is a Masquerade ball in the works! Will let you all know the deets as soon as they are finalized! Boo-yah!

I totally forgot to blog about the stuff I bought at Palm Springs. The reason we go to Palm Springs all the time, apart from the fact that my husband is building several houses there for clients, is that it is near THE OUTLET. I think it’s called some fancy name but in my family, we just call this outlet THE OUTLET because it is SO good. At least, it’s the best one on the West Coast, nothing beats the one in upstate New York, which in my family is only called WOODBURY. As in Are we going to Woodbury this trip? No trip to New York City is complete, for us, without driving TWO HOURS away to go shopping. In Woodbury they have Chanel, Dior, Gucci and many more. But at “the outlet” they have Dior, Gucci and Yves Saint-Laurent but not Chanel.

I was reminded of my bargain-shopping roots by going back to The Outlet. What with all this talk of recession and the weak dollar, it feels really yucky to spend a thousand dollars on Lanvin sandals while Rome burns. I have been lusting after these platform Yves Saint-Laurents which cost about $800 and I figured, they are NOT that different from last season’s. Maybe they’ll have something similar at the outlet. And lo and behold, they did. Mine are black and criss-cross patent on a gold 5 inch platform heel, and only cost $250! From $795! And I also bought these insane Gucci horse-bit five-inch espadrille platforms with the woven floral embroidery up the side. $350 from $995. And now I think I’m set for the summer.

Although this week is “purple card” week at Barneys. If you know what I mean, you are in as much trouble as I am with shopping. Remember, the more you spend the more you save!