Lots of Big Pimpin’ Today: Angels, Nick & Norah

Here’s the Revvy quote of the day:

“As the attack on the Repository has shown, the Silver Bloods are no longer a myth we can choose to ignore. We must act quickly. Corcovado must hold.” – Lawrence Van Alen

EEEE!!!! The book comes out October 28th! Order your copy now from B&N or Amazon!

I can’t believe we are so close to pub! And yes, all those who are attending SCIBA – the SoCal Indie Booksellers Assosh, I will be signing and giving out early copies of the book! Exciting!

I just got a huge box of Revelations books—they look gorgeous!!!

Oh, and did you know the paperback of Angels on Sunset Boulevard is out? It’s an LA-noir story featuring sexy missing rockstars, cute preppie boys and cool skater girls. Order on Amazon or B&N!

And I’ve been meaning to gush, gush, gush about the Nick and Norah movie. You HAVE seen it, right?? If not, get thee to a movie theater immediatement! It’s fah-boo-lous, and so real and gritty and swoony and just like the book. Congrats to Rachel and David!!! It’s so great to see a movie that captures the spirit of the book, just like the LOTR movies. I mean, it is THAT good. And Michael Cera, Can you even?? And Kat Dennings—sooo beautiful.

I also wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all my non-Angry Mom supporters out there. The Cool Moms. You guys rule. And everyone who emailed to show their support. I heart you all. And I’m cool, nothing really bothers me too much. The best thing to happen to your career? Bad, Bad, Bad reviews, Career-Killing reviews on your first book. Seriously. Because once you’ve been through the fire, you can handle anything and you KNOW the only way to win is to keep writing and keep publishing. So. I am Teflon Author. I’ve been grilled and roasted and predicted to fail. But who’s laughing now? BWAH HA HA HA…

Okay I am really not that psycho.

I’ve got to go take the kid to Mommy & Me. It’s been Nanny & Me for her for the last six weeks. I think I should show my face, don’t you think?