Random Revelations Quote of the Day!

It’s T-minus 19! We are 19 days away from the release of REVELATIONS!!!!!! AAAHHH!!!!

So to celebrate I will be releasing a random quote from the book every day.

“No one has done a five-star New York bonding in decades.”


Hehe. This is fun. The book comes out October 28th! Order your copy now from B&N or Amazon!

Right now I am in two different places in book process. On the one hand, I am in the final stretch on GIRL STAYS IN THE PICTURE, where suddenly the whole book SNAPS into focus and I start cutting, editing, revising to make the book work. It’s weird when this happens, because you kind of toodle along, writing hundreds of pages, knowing subconsciously things are not really working, and then you suddenly realize BAM! I DO NEED TO CUT THAT OUT AND REVISE THAT AND CHANGE THAT AND SNAP SNAP SNAP and it comes into clear focus for the first time. I guess this is what they mean by the “Process”. You have to get on the ride, it doesn’t just come immediately. It’s a nice groove to be in, but it’s hard work too because you kind of have to really THINK about the book for the first time even though you’ve been working on it for months.

And on the other hand, I’m in outline stage for BLUE BLOODS 4 and it’s still clear sailing, and everything seems so fun because nothing has been tested yet. In the outline stage I put in EVERYTHING and then later I cut, cut, cut.

I get a lot of emails asking how to keep working on a book, how to get the story down. Really, the answer is: keep working. If you keep working on it it will come to you. The other part of the advice is: take breaks. I need a restorative break between my books so I can have enough juice in the tank for the next one. You need those times where you are NOT thinking to help you think when the time comes.

What have I bought lately? Lots of Marni, basic tops to get me through the season in rich jeweled colors, this gorgeous gray silk Marni coat with three-quarter sleeves, a new Chanel bag (the classic tote in chocolate brown) and an insane fur vest with a jaguar print. I’m contemplating the peep-toe boots – either the high Marni ones or the Chloe ones with the wrap-around thing going on so it looks kind of fashion pirate-y. I always like a new boot for the season.