Page Six-Six-Six Love and FRONTRUNNERS, a can’t-miss fim this election season

You know it’s a Page Six morning when your phone rings at 7AM and again at 7:15 and both callers want to talk about your newest Page Six mention! One to let you know you made the paper and the other to ask IS IT TRUE??? 🙂 Yes, Tom and I are thrilled that our book Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys is becoming one of those addictive reality series on Bravo.

And Blue Bloods III: Revelations also got a nice mention in the Page Six magazine. I want to add, I was LAUGHING when I said “You never hear of a fat vampire!” I mean, really…do you? All the vampires I loved growing up (Lestat, Louis, etc) were rockstar-skinny and fabulous.

Being an ex-NYC journo and a friend to many current and ex-Sixers, it’s always a thrill to find my name in the boldface type. This is what I went to New York for, after all!

Also more news: My dear friend Caroline Suh’s awesome, thought-provoking and inspiring new film FRONTRUNNERS is coming out next month! It’s about the student body election at NYC’s brainaic Stuyvessant High School. Right now it’s going to be showing in NYC, LA, Boston, Berkeley, San Francisco, Denver and Philly.