The Most Common Divorce Culprit, and Fashion, it’s a Sickness

I just yelled at my husband because he threw away last night’s pasta. WITHOUT. ASKING. ME. I was really counting on eating that pasta for lunch, and now I am starving and have no food. Argh! It’s enough to make you get a divorce!

Seriously. This is what marriage is like. You get divorced because…HE THREW AWAY MY LUNCH!

Your honor, you understand right? I mean, I cannot continue to be married to a man who cleans the fridge without asking his spouse if oh, there MIGHT be something in there that she would like to eat for lunch after waiting several hours to eat because she was so busy writing A NEW BLUE BLOODS SHORT STORY.

But NO. It is gone.


Oh, we laugh, we laugh. But this is what marriage is like.

Which is why I love romances. Because they are such fantasies. Marriage is hard work and lots of annoyances and learning to live with another person without driving each other cu-RAY-zee. And still finding a shadow of the person you first met in the person you are currently married to. TREASURE THOSE FIRST TWO WEEKS WITH YOUR NEW LOVE, girls, because in the future, TWELVE YEARS down the line, THAT IS ALL YOU HAVE to hold on to that allows you to sigh, shut up, stop shouting already and heat up last night’s pizza instead.


Anyway, yes – new Blue Bloods short story! EEEEEEE!!! Exciting! I was getting goosebumps myself writing it. But how will you get your hot little hands on it? Well, I will reveal all soon—it’s part of a fun promotion for the new book!

In shopping news, I have three words. LITTLE. MARC. JACOBS.

Can you die???

Marc Jacobs for ages 1-6!

So of course I had to buy Mattie the little black tulle party dress, with the matching velvet jacket and the Juicy Couture white peacoat to go on top of it. SICK!!

I told the salesguy at Fred Segal they are ENABLERS!!!

I bought my first Marc Jacobs dress when I was 29, at the outlet, for $31. It was so cheap I hyperventilated and almost fainted. They had to go find Mike to help me. Only when I calmed down was I able to shop.

Oh well, she’ll probably stain it with yogurt and I’ll kick myself. But for now, I’m enjoying looking forward to seeing her as a mini fashionista.