Shopping Spree – With Me!!

Yesterday I journeyed to Catalina Island. And yes, it was a journey – there and back it was a 12 hour day! But I can’t complain, one of my favorite things in the world is to travel via town car with a driver. We drove to the salon to get my blowout, then to a restaurant so I could get lunch, then to the Catalina Ferry. I grew up being driven around by the family chauffeur. In fact, I thought it was the ONLY way people got around. My Dad only drove on Sundays, when the driver had a day off. One of the things I loved about living in New York City was how much like Manila it was – the town car culture was in full-force.

These days the only times I get to experience this treat is on book tour. (And it IS a treat. Usually stocked with magazines, Fiji water, and gum in the backseat.) And every time I climb into a car I remember our old Mercedes and our old driver, who not only taught me to ride a bike, but also drew lots and lots of pictures of Duran Duran on my command. (He was a pretty good artist and I was a pretty spoiled brat. LOL!)

So: Catalina. Gorgeous! I didn’t know what to expect and was utterly charmed. I love the little golf carts zipping around, and everyone was so nice and friendly. And when the ferry pulled up there was a huge mist, and the town was called “Avalon” so of course I was thrilled by all the King Arthur references. Apparently it doesn’t mist like that at all, so maybe the town just knew it was coming and was like, cue: mist!! Very cool. All the kids were bright and lovely and had so many questions.

Also I just wanted to tell you all to go to the official Blue Bloods website and enter the contest. It’s a sweepstakes, so anyone can enter. The winner wins a thousand-dollar shopping spree with me! I love playing stylist and will help you pick out clothes—whee! (Or books -most of you seem to want to buy more books and that’s perfectly fine by me).

And I’m so glad you are all enjoying Revelations—I’ve been lurking to read reviews and I feel gratified and inspired to finish the next book. Back to work!