Technical Glitches to Secret Story Should Be Fixed

Hey guys,

So you all know the secret chapter is only available to Target customers right? It will be available exclusively to Target guests for the first three months, and then afterwards, I will make it available to everybody on my site.

I’m hearing there are technical glitches to the story. They should be fixed by now. There are arrows at the bottom directing you to turn the page. If you don’t see the arrows, make your browser window bigger. (I had to make mine bigger to see them.) If you still can only see the first page and can’t turn the page, email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and let me know what browser you are using to read it. It might be a browser issue.

Anyway. Sorry some bookstores don’t have it on the shelves yet. They are still unpacking boxes and putting them out. Oct 28th is an estimated date, but it should be at your local bookstore very, very soon. If they give you the December 1st date, tell them that is an OLD date and it’s a wrong one. But just keep checking in, or you can order your copy now from B&N or Amazon which are shipping books as we speak! I assure you, if I could personally deliver each copy to you I would! As long as I had a car and driver to take me, of course! 🙂