Stacked, and Five Alive!

I went to the Barnes & Noble this morning at the Grove and counted how many copies of Revelations they had in the store. The had thirty!!! Thirty!! Copies!!! That is insane! They were everywhere—out at the front “new YA fiction” shelves, then in its own big stack in the end-cap (those books that are in the end of the aisle display) and then again in the series book shelves.

I just think this is so cool, and I am enjoying it. I remember when my books where shelved spine-out (not face out) in the back of the store. (Actually that is not quite true: B&N was always a huge supporter: my first novel was #32 on their overall list the first week it was out. But other subsequent books received the two-copy spine-out treatment.)

I had just pointed out my thirty copies to my husband when he gestured over to the people-high PYRAMIDS of the Twilight and Eragon books. When your books can make their own sculpture, that is when you know you’ve made it. But for now, I am happy with my stacks. Gives a new meaning to being STACKED, doesn’t it? Heh.

And in more fun news: Week Five on the USA Today Bestseller List!!! Woohoo!