I went shopping.

I didn’t *mean* to buy anything, but everything—EVERYTHING—is on sale. And who can resist?

The shopping gods are smiling on me.

Especially when I really wanted an hourglass, pencil-skirt, sexy-sexy but class-y dress…and there it was at Nordstrom. Thakoon. Half off! In my size! And I don’t even need to diet to wear it and have it look good! THIS is why designers are genius. Because the cut is so flattering—there is no need for the gym! I love you Thakoon. I also love saying Thakoon. A friend I went to college with works closely with Thakoon. Isn’t Tina so chic? She always was, even back then. The first time I bought designer anything was with Tina. Freshman year. Columbia. It was Betsey Johnson. A blue ruffled-hem tunic and matching pants. The most outrageous thing I’d ever bought. I used to wear that outfit with black plastic hoop earrings. It was the 80s.

I think Michelle Obama owns my dress too. Which is so cool. Every time I read about the Obamas I get a bit teary. Still. You know? Like in the “O” issue of the New YOrker that was all about the election. That last line from Hendrick Hertzberg’s Comment still gets me: “A few months from now a blue-and-white Boeing 747 emblazoned UNITED STATES OF AMERICA will touch down on a tarmac somewhere in Europe or Asia or Africa, the door will open, and out will step Barack and Michelle Obama. That is something to look forward to.” Wow. Awesome. Tears.

So I bought the Thakoon dress and this amazing Thakoon blouse-jacket combo which looks kind of subversive Chanel. Which I will wear to my dear friend Tyler’s gallery opening in New York in two weeks. Tyler and I used to be NYC club kids together. And now he owns his own gallery! Now I really feel grown up when friends I used to go to Sound Factory with are now chi-chi galleristas.

The other favorite designer I have right now is Black Halo. Who cuts her clothes so that all women who wear them look “five pounds thinner and two inches taller.” Now that is a designer I can get behind!