Thank You to Andrew and Amanda, and all the Blue Bloods fans who came out!

Oh my goodness, I totally forgot to add that I wanted to say Thank you to the gorgeous Blue Bloods fans who came out to the events!! Thank you for coming to see me, it always makes my day! Special shout out to Andrew, who asked if Schuyler was a Niphilim (yes she is since she’s half-angel) and also to The Fabulous Amanda, whom I will always think of that way, as The Fabulous Amanda, (“TFA”) who runs the Blue Bloods message boards—ooh I finally figured out the links! TFA came all the way from Boston to New Jersey and taped the event – you can see it here on YouTube and see our gorgeous cover girls and how wise-beyond-their-years they are.

Anyway, I’ll be giving the Fabulous Amanda and the Blue Bloods message boards a special first-ever exclusive sneak peek of REVELATIONS so sign up if you haven’t already! I’ll probably do it sometime this spring.