The Fabulous Miz Cohn

As you can imagine, the week has been a flurry of X-mas shopping, and of course at our house we pronounce it “ex-mas” just because we are fun that way. You know what else is fun? Having lunch with my friend Rachel Cohn! Who is so funny and bitchy and hilarious. Rachel schooled me in proper gym motivation. I was telling her how I have not been to the gym in forever and she said it’s because my gym has no motivation factor. For instance, her gym, Equinox, is next to a fabu coffee place where she knows all the baristas and can have a wonderful frothy cup of latte after working out! So that’s the secret: my gym is not next to ANYTHING. And I do remember when I lived in NYC and went to Equinox I would always go because I would get a smoothie after. (Which totally negated the calories lost on the treadmill but whatevs, I went to the gym!). Rachel showed me pics from the Toronto premiere of Nick and Norah (if you haven’t seen it you MUST) and we gossiped about Hollywood which is always fun.

More Xmas shopping awaits but tune in next week for a TINY TINY TINY peek at Blue Bloods IV: A New Hope. I mean. The Van Alen Legacy!