A Monster Interview!

Here’s a fun interview I did with Monster Librarian!

Go read it. Okay. So now you know about the Blue Bloods spinoff, WOLF PACT! It’s about werewolves, but it’s also integral to the Blue Bloods mythology, and big things happen in Book Four that will also mini-launch Wolf Pact. Fun, fun, stuff.

And I will have a Christmas surprise for Blue Bloods readers—check out this blog next week for a fun TINY, TINY, TINY sneak-peek at Book Four, The Van Alen Legacy. I know it sucks that you have to wait a year, but seriously, that year will be over before you know it!

It’s rainy and gray here in LA, which I would love but since I have to schlump around for Christmas shopping I don’t heart it THAT much. Also, I’m getting my new author photo taken today. I haven’t had a new one taken in a while. Mostly because in the intermittent years between the last one and this one, I did have one taken but it was three months after I gave birth and BOY does it SHOW on my puffy face. In fact, I was about to submit that to my publisher as my new author photo but I was just horrified by how pregnant I still looked (In the FACE!) that I quickly scheduled a photo session pronto. Vanity, thy name is author.

Here’s a fun site a friend sent to me, about writers and artists’ daily routines. Interesting that most creative people have a pretty stable routine. I did an interview where I describe my typical day and it sounds a lot like the days I read about here. I’ll post the link to my interview when it’s up.