Top Poems (General)

Here are some poems that don’t fit any category, which I liked a lot since they took an unexpected POV or structure.

I liked the imagery in this poem, especially in the last line, just seemed very cool in a vampire-y sort of way. Nice.

Silver, Blue & Red

Wet Diamond drops
Sparkling on the floor
Shinning silver
In the sunlight

Scented flowers
In the wind
Glowing blue
With moonlight

Pearls of love
Scented with Roses
Drops of Red
Coming through.

-Joanna F.

The writer says this poem is in the voice of a Red Blood who’s about to receive the Sacred Kiss. Very cool. I have a soft spot for poems about clubbing and the nightlife, so this appealed to me very much.

Time to Party

Party’s jumpin’
Music’s thumpin’
Time to go wild.

‘Cause the moon’s replaced the sun
We’re gonna have some fun!
Time to freak out.

At Block 112, now we’re dancin’
Bitches are prancin’
Time to get down.

Boys dance over
“Gotta have ‘er”
Time to show off.

We start kissin’
But something’s missin’
Time for more.

He starts bitin’
So excitin’
Time for blood.

Best BF ever
Smart sweet and clever
Time for love.

-Ashleigh H.

The writer of the following poem submitted a bunch that I liked very much. I liked this one the most because of the title and the last line, which I find just so cool.


The cruel joke of it
Impeccably dressed blood fiends?
They can’t just be privileged;
Establishing new species,
Is okay, too…

-Amanda M.

This one was a clever one, and it’s hard to do these poems without forcing some of the lines, but this one reads well and works in the structure. Nice.

Blood veins tell of the past
Love unexpected
Unity of a twin bond
Eternal life

Brutal death of a fellow classmate
Lucifer’s downfall
Occult evil lurking
Odd prophecy set upon Schuyler Van Allen
Duchesne Academy for the wealthy and privileged
Sunset years a danger for Silver Bloods approach.

-Kaitlin J.

The writer of this poem wrote that the poem was no way an insult to the book or to me, but she just wanted to examine the flipside of the Blue Bloods’ world. Catharine, no worries at all! I liked the poem a lot because it deals with the subtext of my book…how things are not as they seem. 

Mirror Image

Welcome to Duchesne, school for the privileged
(Playground for snobs.)

Meet our students, leaders of tomorrow
(Self-centered, apathetic, pleasure-seeking adolescents.)

Examine our values and morals
(Prestige, exclusiveness, wealth.)

The things that matter most: dedication, loyalty, pride
(Prada, Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana.)

We are the Blue Bloods, ancient and all-knowing
(Doomed and delusional.)

We pride ourselves on our dedication to the best for humanity
(Lest humanity best us.)

-Catharine K.

This one is about the hardcover edition of Blue Bloods and is apparently dedicated to me. 🙂  I liked this one a lot because of its originality, and hey, I have a bit of Mimi in me. Flattery gets you everywhere.


The markings
On her neck
Caught my eyes

The letters
On the cover
Made me unlock
The pages

Called me to read
And I fell
Into another world

Loosing myself

-Saba H.

Awwww. Very cool! Next up: The Top Three Poems!!!


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