Grand Prize Winnahs!!!

And now, here are the overall winners! Dah, dah, dah, dah….

Third Place: A Blue Bloods Story by Caitlin H.

A lot of the poems we received re-told the Blue Bloods story, and I liked this one the best because of the clever rhymes and it had a killer ending as well. Very charming. Congrats Caitlin!

A Blue Bloods Story

Listen New Yorkers, and you will hear:
The story of the Blue Bloods living here.

They go to Duchesne Prep you know,
And in the dark, they even glow.

There’s Mimi, Jack, Schuyler and Bliss:
But there’s no need to worry, unless they give you that Sacred Kiss.

There’s Oliver, Schuyler’s best friend and conduit, but listen:
A conduit has nothing to do with being an electrician.

Mimi and Jack are bonded they say,
But with Schuyler in the picture, there’s going to be hell to pay.

Schuyler is a half-blood, haven’t you heard?
Daughter of Gabrielle and a Red Blood, isn’t that absurd!

Red Bloods, Blue Bloods, Silver Bloods are all the same?
Oh, no, no, no, no, honey, not in this game.

Lets start at Mimi’s party after the ball,
That’s where everything started to fall.

Blue Bloods attended with their fashionista smiles,
While others could only get in after awhile.

Look over there, come on, come quick.
Who’s that guy kissing that Van Alen chick?

Is that Jack Force? What is he doing!
Did Mimi see and is that why she’s stewing?

Back at school we meet a new mate:
Kingsley Martin, who should have no problem getting a date.

After Valentine’s Day things started to crack.
Because of Kingsley and Mimi, and the spells they turned black.

Mimi got caught, oh what a pity.
And a small earthquake rocked New York City.

Now who is to save her, and who is to blame?
A Blood Trial will tell us, and give us the name.

Listen dear people for it is clear:
A battle is coming, and the book of Revelations is near.

-Caitlin H.

Second Place: Blue Bloods Banter by Shaina S.C.

This is a poem I liked very much—the voice is very clever and cool. The imagery is unexpected and very vibrant as well, and I thought it was also very original. Shaina, you got me at the first two stanzas.  Love!!

Blue Bloods Banter

Grab a pair of fangs-
Still sticky from Halloween
And those Batman wings
Stitched to your spleen.

Please, are you kidding me?
Has your head gone soft?
You’d never see a real vamp out like that-
Seriously, just take it off.

Take a good look, Red Blood-
The truth’s in plain sight-
The Blue Bloods are walking
Around in daylight.

We’ve conquered the media,
The billboards, and-by all means-
When we’re not out sucking blood,
We’re wearing your jeans.

We’re strutting our stuff-
Though you’d never suspect it-
But we can’t get enough
Of the limelight tonight.

Can’t you hear your veins
In the moonlight…
Throbbing and throbbing-
We like it-we love it-
So just one little bite?

You can’t make it; can’t fake it-
‘Cause this is how it goes.
So stop playing Batman
And watch us pros.

-Shaina S.C.

And the winner of the poetry contest is Jerry W. with her poem “Revelations”.

Jerry’s poem is inspired by the song “Revolution” by the Beatles. I loved this poem because it made me laugh out loud, is very clever, and reminded me of something I would have done to win a contest. This is VERY me. So Jerry, congrats, (Jerry is a very cute girl btw, I remember her from the Blue Bloods party in New York. Hi Jerry!).

And without further ado, the winning poem:
(Sing in the tune of “Revolution” by the Beatles)

You say you’re giving away “Revelations”
Well you know
We all want to get sneak peeks
You tell me that it’s based on innovation
Well you know
We all want to get sneak peeks
But when you talk about competition
Don’t you know you can count me in
Don’t you know it’s gonna be alright
Alright Alright

You say there’s only one solution
Well you know
You can always photocopy more and mail it to everyone (MDLC: I did think about that Jerry!)
You ask me for a contribution
Well you know
We’re all sending you the best we can
But when you tell us to give as much as we desire
All I can tell you is sister you’re lighting our fire
Don’t you know it’s gonna be alright
Alright Alright

You say there’s only one grand prize winner
Well you know
we all want to convince your mind
You tell me I need to use my imagination
Well you know
I always think outside of the box
But if we go around boasting and playing foul
We ain’t going to make it with Mel-DLC anyhow
Don’t you know know it’s gonna be alright
Alright Alright

-Jerry Wang

Well, all right!! Thanks Jerry, thanks Caitlin, thanks Shaina, and thanks to everyone who sent in a poem, or is just enjoying reading these poems on the blog.

I write the books to please myself first and foremost, but I’m so glad you all like them too…

Q: Mel, you just ran an awesome poetry contest, what are you going to do now????


Everyone don mouse ears and sing the Em-Eye-See song. See you when I get back. It just occurred to me that since I write these Blue Bloods books for Hyperion (which is owned by Disney) I am actually a Disney employee in a sense. So in a way, I’m going home!