Wedding Belle

It’s a happy Friday.

First off, gay marriage has now been legalized in Cali! Woo-hoo! Now all my dear friends can get married and I can subject them to bridal showers and coffee pots and raunchy bachelorette parties in Atlantic City via white limo and homemade Comsos (oh yeah that’s how I rolled when I got hitched) everything they did for me when I got married. When Mike and I got married, I was paralyzed by guilt that we could get married while so many of our best friends could not. It is a human rights issue people!! And here in Cali we have stem cell research and emissions laws and now gay marriage. Yeah! Our closest friends are a circle of gay couples, most of whom have been together as long as Mike and I have been, and yet Mike and I are the only ones who have tied the knot with the requisite blowout and New York Times wedding announcement. Oh yeah, we made it into the paper. Suck it! Just kidding.

You do know the hoo-ha that goes into getting into the Times wedding announcements yes? You know how in Sex and the City Charlotte dances around when they hear that she made it? Well, that’s exactly what happened to us too. There was dancing. There was smugness. As a social highlight I would say getting your announcement in the Times is like getting into an Ivy League school. It means absolutely nothing and absolutely everything at the same time. To those of us who grew up with dads who put “ALL3IVY” on their license plates because all three of his progeny went to schools in the same ancient athletic league, getting into the Times was a big deal. Especially since my sister, who got married first, got her announcement in too. So there was MEGA pressure when I got hitched. Would we make it? Yes we did. Next to the Veuve Clicquot we served at the reception (one of the things I always remember fondly was drinking a glass of champagne at our wedding and thinking HOLY COW! THEY SPENT ON THIS SH-T! and then realizing *we* had doled out the dollars for the yellow boys and laughing maniacally). The second fondest memory was of floating away on our honeymoon with a copy of the Times, our announcement (with photo!) safely tucked under the seat.

I’m in a good mood. My cold has finally abated. And yes, I’m sorry this and the latest posts have been a bit delirious. (A commenter said delusional—but I think delirious is the more apropos word.) I’m just a bit giddy. It’s summer. I have copyedits due and a fun fun fun new novel to write- my new series GIRL STAYS IN THE PICTURE, which we’re kind of calling the “GIRL” series (it used to be called Social Life).

Btw, if you have emailed me BEFORE December 2007 and you have not yet received a reply, then email me again. Because I am now caught up with all the emails and everyone up to December 2007 should have received a reply unless you changed your email address or your email to me ended up in Spam for some reason. I’m hoping to be FULLY caught up in the next week or so. So bring ‘em on!