A Podcast, Like, You know…

I’m the featured author in Free Book Friday Teens! Thanks Jessica for inviting me! It was fun chatting on a rainy day!

I just listened to myself ramble and I’m feeling a little Caroline Kennedy right now. First off, I sound like a total Cali girl, with all my “like, you knows”. Thank goodness I’m not gunning for a Senate seat! And just want to add that the answer to the question, what do I have planned for the series is: the main story with Jack, Schuyler, Oliver, Bliss and Mimi will most likely go to ten books, but no worries because in book four a lot of big things are resolved. In books 5-7 the main focus will be the prequel series I talked about a long time ago, but I decided I like it better weaved with the front story (I kind of think a lot of prequels fail right? PREQUEL FAIL!) So I’m doing it that way. But I have lots of ideas for more Blue Bloods books with new characters, so who knows, never say never. I like playing in the Blue Bloods universe.

Enjoy your Saturday!