Some Frequently Asked Blue Bloods Questions (SFABBQ!)

A couple of people have emailed saying that the link to the story I originally wrote for Target (and should be read AFTER you have read all of book three, Revelations) is not working. I just went to the site and it worked for me. Go to The password is BLUEBLOODS in all caps. Try it now. Everything ok? Ok. Good. 🙂

And now some questions:

How do you pronounce Schuyler? And why is it spelled that way?

It’s Sky-ler. (In the books Oliver calls her “Sky” so I thought that was a nice hint.) Also, I spelled it that way because it is an old English name, I took it from Elizabeth Schuyler, who was married to Alexander Hamilton (the first Treasury Secretary and a founding father), Elizabeth Schuyler came from a very prominent family, her father was a general in Washington’s army and they were American aristocrats. In my imagination, Schuyler traces her roots to that family and is given an old family name. Also, one of my pet peeves is phonetic spellings of names. I don’t like when Antoine is spelled “Antwone” or Brittany is spelled “Britney”.

Is Oliver-Hazard Perry named after the commodore from the war of 1812?

Yes! He is.  But it was partly subconscious, since I found the last name “Hazard-Perry” in my little Astors family history book, and I thought “Oliver” would go well with it. And then Mike pointed out it was the name of someone from history, and I thought excellent! Because of course the Hazard-Perrys are an old family of human conduits, so it makes sense that Oliver would have an ancestor like that.

What’s the Rufus Wainright song they listen to in Revelations?

I purposefully did not name the song because—I couldn’t choose! Like Jack and Sky, I love Rufus Wainright. But I think their song was “Foolish Love” although I also like “Nobody’s off the Hook” and “Natasha” and “Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk” and his version of “Hallelujah”. Put them on and swoooon.

When is the next book coming out?

September 1st! Six months away!!! It’ll be here in a blink! I promise!