Russian Rights, Audio Books, and Grunge-Bunny Glam

Some fun stuff this morning: Blue Bloods will soon be available on audio! That’s right, you can sit and stew on your commute, or you can listen along to the story of Schuyler and her friends as they kick some vampire ass!

Also: welcome Russian Blue Bloods! Or should I say zdravstvuyte? Rights to the series have just been sold to Russia! Woohoo!

I have been shopping. I know, down economy and all. But as I’ve said before, I’m an optimist. I think things will get better. And anyway, there’s so much fun stuff out there and good sales! At the Fred Segal 80% off sale I scored a Giambattista Valli cocktail dress. I just like saying Gee-ahm-bah-tees-tah Vahh-leee. It’s so fabulous, a black knit figure-hugging dress with this insane collar of feathers kind of exploding at the top. It’s one of those dresses that are either extremely fabulous or completely ridiculous. I’m kind of hoping for the former. I like things that are over-the-top and skirt the line a little. And you know, it’s all about context. It’s the kind of dress you can wear to the Whitney Young Collector’s Ball and no one will blink. I miss New York so much sometimes. I miss getting dressed for people who are just as invested in fashion as you are.

Although I was walking around on Friday in my printed Marni dress and I got so many compliments from people. I was a bit worried since it is a little “offf” it’s a bit on the sack-dress side, kind of slouchy and hippie-ish with big printed flowers. But as I was shopping so many women came up to me and whispered, “loooove the dress! I looove Marni too!” like it was a secret between us.

What else did I buy? A really pretty black silk Collette Dinnigan cocktail dress, that I’m going to wear with my pink patent Manolo stilettos. (Remember I was obsessed with this lady at Intermix who was wearing a black cocktail dress with the pink patent Stella McCartney heels?) The Colette dress was also 80% off. And at Madison I bought a really comfortable flannel shirt, which I wore on Saturday night with my skinny black jeans and the hot pink heels and an old black Chloe “boyfriend” blazer. I was so 1980-meets-1992. Mike laughed and said did I really buy a DESIGNER flannel shirt?? And I remember being 20 in 1992 and scoffing at the stupid people who would pay $100 for a Marc Jacobs flannel shirt. Well, fast-forward a couple of years and there I am. Sigh. I know. But I don’t have time for thriftstores anymore.

One of the nice things about designer clothes is how forgiving and flattering they are to a not-20-anymore body. You have to pay to play these days.

What else did I buy: A really cool fringed Chan Luu scarf from the Fred Segal sale. And at Madison, a bright yellow ruffled off-the-shoulder blouse (kind of cha-cha) and snakeskin gladiators. It’s 85 degrees here and everyone is wearing summer clothes again.

Everyone trendy in LA is rocking the flannels, which I kind of love. When I was in college we called it the grunge-bunny look. Dark kohl eyes, messy hair, ripped flannel shirt (unbuttoned to show the absence of cleavage), battered suede jacket, old Levis jeans. I guess it was very “Winona”. I mean, who wanted cleavage? Cleavage is so not-fashion. I’ve always been the kind of girl who dressed for other girls and gays rather than guys. I wanted fashion admiration and not male attention. Dressing for guys is so boring. The trick is to be the kind of girl whom other girls admire for your style and yet whose style still pulls in the dudes. My friend Caitlyn always did this so well. She made wearing those large men’s v-neck t-shirts half-tucked into pegged Levis jeans so sexy… So some girls can get away with both…

Anyway, I’ve got books to write and deadlines to meet and miles to go before I sleep.

Das vedanya for now!