Book Festival of Vampires!!! (Well Um. Just Me.)

Hey all,

Don’t forget! If you are in the LA area – come see me at the Target stage on Sunday at 3:15! I do a little song and dance. Not really. More like the Danse of the Vampires. Bwahahaha…. Okaaaay. My brain is a little fried from the Van Alen Legacy crunch. But I will make it worth your while.

April 26, 2009
Los Angeles Times Festival of Books
UCLA Campus (follow the flags—the children’s area is in front of the Music Bldg I think)
Stage: 3:15-3:35 PM
Signing: 3:45-4:30 PM

And the rapper Common (or just, to us in the know, Common) will NOT be at the Target stage. I was looking at an OLD program. But the good news: Alonzo Mourning will be following me! The famous basketball player! Cool!! And right before me – Julia DeVillers and Cheetah Girl Sabrina Bryan will be presenting their book “Princess of Gossip”! Awesome pawesome!