LA Book Fest Oh YEAH!


You really know how to get to an author’s heart.

Thanks so much to everyone who came out!! There were so many of you my husband said, “Wow, you’ve come a long way since Fancy Nancy’s fancy booth almost choked you with her fancy feathers!” Hehe. Fancy Nancy, you know we kid because we love. (Although backstage at the Target VIP greenroom, the Target PR people were also talking about how many feathered accessories Fancy Nancy brought for her appearance! They be fancy!)

Thank you to Target. We were picked up in a limo and then driven into the festival, with the Target sign. Mike and I were talking about how all this Target love really shows that they MUST know that we buy all our stuff from Target. I mean we are there EVERY SUNDAY. And we spend, baby. We are all down with the Terax Crema conditioners and the Method cleansers and the 600-thread count sheets. I only shop at two places: Target and Barneys. I am not a middle-ground girl.

But most of all, THANKS YOU GUYS. Thanks for coming out. Thanks to all the Blue Bloods girls and the boyz! That is so cool! Boyz! Readling the Bloods! And Kat! Who came all the way from Florida! And the Ramona Convent girls! And thanks to all the MOMS! And DADS with their cellpone cameras! I’m so glad I got my hair done. I was going to wear my Chloe dress but I heard I had to sit down in the Big Red Chair on stage and I was worried my skirt would ride up. So I just wore my go-to all black outfit.  And Karen! I’m sorry for spoiling Masquerade for you. Sigh. Oh well. There are other things that happen that are not spoiled.

Anyway. This is it. I have to finish the book THIS WEEK or I am dead, dead, dead. Or should I say undead, undead, undead.

If you follow me on Twitter you know if you email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with the subject line: SEND ME THE VAN ALEN SNEAK PEEK!!! We will send it to you sometime soon. I said June but I have to check with my publisher if that is OK. I sometimes say things and then forget that I have to check with the Big Mouse House first. Anyway? Why aren’t you following me on Twitter? I have to have a wrestling match with Larry King before you follow me? What? (Btw, I saw Larry King the other day in Bev Hills. He was wearing a velour tracksuit, and with his big glasses and on his cellphone. Just how you would picture Larry on his day off.) Anyway: