Book Fever

FEVERISHLY attempting to finish book. Literally. I have a cold and a bit of a fever. It’s kind of a delirious time right now. The final stretch is always the hardest—cramming everything in and making sure that everything not only makes sense but reads beautifully and has a satisfying ending. Aaaah! Stress! I want this book to be so so so good and I think it really is the best Blue Bloods so far. And I’m not just saying that I swear. Even though I toot toot toot my own horn all the time.

Plus Mattie is having her terrible twos. And our nanny is going on vacation next week! And school is out! It’s Spring Break! It’s pre-school. It’s six hours a week. But still! No school! No music class! No junior gym! No activities! And mommy has a deadline! Thank god we found a replacement nanny or I was going to combust!

That is all.