Girl Powah

This blog has logged Two Million Hits! Wow. That is cool. I also stumbled upon some ranking that figured out who and how many people read this blog. It’s no surprise that most of you out there are teens. Hi teens! Specifically teen girls. Hi girls!

I went to an all-girls school up until college and at my school every assembly, every class, was always begun by the teacher saying a cheery (and somewhat motherly) “Hi Girls!” to us. We always had warm cookies after assembly. And our school was housed in this beautiful Beaux Arts mansion. There was this grand marble staircase that we trudged up every morning, the same one our seniors wearing white tea dresses slightly above your ankles, gloves, and holding a bouquet of roses glided down on during commencement. (You had to bring your dress to be approved by the Dean. It couldn’t show too much skin and it had to be exactly the right length.)

As much as I bitch and moan about my high school experience, some parts of it still make me smile. And yes, for those who have asked, the school in Blue Bloods is based on my school. I had to imagine what it would be like if we had boys in it. But most of it—even the ghost of the founder rattling around the attic classrooms—were straight from the rumors we girls told each other back then.

I just wrote a little synopsis of The Van Alen Legacy for my newsletter and I thought I would share it wit’choo:

Now that the Conclave is in ruins, will Charles find it within himself to have the courage to lead the Blue Bloods once again? Will Schuyler discover her life’s true quest? With Oliver’s help, she just might…Meanwhile, Jack and Mimi’s bonding draws ever closer. Nothing can come between them now, or can it? And will Bliss ever regain dominion over her own self? Find out in Fall 2009!!!