Huge Heart, Skinny Girl

One of my dearest BFFs, Karen Robinovitz, with whom I co-wrote two books, How to become Famous in Two Weeks or Less and The Fashionista Files, just launched her latest “baby”: Purple Lab! Her own make-up line, which combines her love of science AND fashion—(Karen was pre-med in college and majored in Biology!).

I’m just so, so, so SO proud of her and of her new product—the first is Huge Lips Skinny Hips, which is a lip plumper with hoodia (an appetite suppressant). Her make-up line is super chic and infused with so much good humor—as Karen says – it’s not about starving yourself for goddssakes! It’s the kind of thing where at a cocktail party, maybe you don’t WANT to eat ALL those crabcakes, and your liplgoss can help you just say no! As a bonus, who doesn’t want yummy plump lips?

I think all the colors are AMAZING, and I love the names: Lychee Martini (my favorite! the drink AND the gloss!) and Worship Kate (Moss, we used to have endless discussions about her style) and Love Your Thighs (I’m still trying!) and Kitty Poledancer (Karen’s nickname, the woman can work a pole!) and Red Sole (for the Loubs!).

Karen is one of my favorite people on earth because she is a true, original character: a kook and a mensch—she’s a supercalifashionista who will lend you her Imitation of Christ togs off her back (as she did to me and to any of her very many friends—I can barely let my clothes go to the cleaners, let alone let anyone borrow anything! So I’m always amazed at how generous she is). Like me, she’s a gay man in a girl’s body (which makes us what? transgayn-ders?) and is so enthusiastic about life and her energy is transcendent.

Her beauty company is an extension of her personality—it’s all so Karen and so fabulous and fun and I’m just smiling right now remembering how we wore Gucci (gifts from the designer) to our book launch and walked down the glass staircase at the Paramount hotel to a huge crowd of cheering people and how I had never felt like such a rockstar in my life (and never have again). She brings a touch of much-needed glamor to everything she touches and I count myself lucky I experienced it firsthand.

But now you can too!

Go buy her lipgloss! Get your huge lips and skinny hips!