Pub Date Moved, it’s Crunch Time!

I just updated the FAQs.

A lot of you want to know when the new Blue Bloods novel, THE VAN ALEN LEGACY is coming out.

I would love to answer this question with a concrete date but right now I will refrain because we put out a date and it’s not going to happen in September, which kills me. The good news is, the book is awesome and it’s my favorite so far. The bad news is we have a new pub date for the book, right now we are shooting for sometime in October. I will let everyone know when the date is confirmed. I wanted a little more time and not to feel rushed in bringing out this major part of the story, so publication has been delayed for a month. I think it’s best for the book and my sanity. Sometimes what the schedule dictates and what a writer is capable of doing in a set amount of time doesn’t quite meet, but we are working towards October.

Thanks everyone for your continued patience! You guys don’t know how much your enthusiasm means to me. See you in October! I will be putting out a few sneaks, and am happy to share that the first chapter of The Van Alen Legacy will be published in the paperback release of Revelations, which is set for July 22. Also, all three books will be available in a gorgeous box set at this time as well!

Accck. Stress. The interesting thing about writing is that when I’m writing, I’m not stressed. It’s the outside world that causes stress, but internally, in the story, I’m in a good rhythm. Now it’s back to work!