Lucky Number Ten! And Clearing Up Some Internet Rumors about The Van Alen Legacy

Oh yeah, baby, Blue Bloods is back on the New York Times series list at number ten!! Woo-hoo!

Also, thanks to all of you who have been emailing me with questions about the Van Alen Legacy. Apparently, there are some websites that are posting the “first chapter” or “sneak peek chapters” of the Van Alen Legacy. None of those posted chapters are mine and real. They are fan fictions. Also, The Van Alen Legacy is the correct and ONLY title of the book, NOT “The Van Alen Legacy: Eternal Ties” or any other title you might read about.

All official and authentic Blue Bloods news or sneak peeks will come from this site only, or the official Blue Bloods website, or from my publisher, Hyperion.

Phew! Now I know what Jennifer Anniston feels like. 😉

It’s kind of flattering to get gossiped about, and I’m so psyched interest is so high! That is so very cool. So to assuage you all, I will post a sneak-peek on Valentine’s Day, February 14. Consider it my valentine to all of you. 🙂