Happy New President Day!

I have to hide behind sunglasses because my eyes are so puffy. Spent the whole morning blubbering with Mike as we watched the Inauguration. Dressed the kid in an Obama Girl t-shirt and dropped her off at pre-pre-preschool late, late, late.

How fantastic was the whole thing??? Michelle Obama looked INSANE, I was shocked when I saw what she was wearing but now I love it and I’m so glad she wore it. The gold brocade coat in that gold/green-y color. It was dramatic, unexpected, and had FLAIR. It was SO her and looked awesome next to Laura Bush’s conservative pastels, the usual wardrobe of the American aristocracy. There was something really brash and wonderful about Michelle’s outfit, it was an outfit that somehow had a Beyonce-put-a-ring-on-it-sistahs-attitude while still being incredibly tasteful and beautiful. Bravo!

And the little girls looked wonderful too, just so appropriate and festive. And loved how Obama was kind of nervous and flubbed the Oath of Office a bit. And that speech! Wow, wow, wow. And how wonderful to have music and poetry—YoYo Ma playing “Simple Gifts” – a Quaker hymn (Remember learning it at school? We sang it every Thanksigiving at Convent). A wonderful event all around, and really a proud day for all of us.