Misguided Angel is a New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestseller!!

Popping the (virtual) champagne!!


Just got word that Misguided Angel debuted at #4 on the New York Times Bestseller List (Children’s Series) and #19 on USA Today Bestseller List – which is a list of ALL bestselling books nationwide, regardless of genre and type, which means it’s the 19th bestselling-est book in the country. So cool!!! ***And just found out it hit #9 on the Wall Street Journal Bestseller Fiction List, which is based on Bookscan, so it also means it is the 9th bestselling NOVEL of the week. **Epic!!**

I have all of you guys to thank for this – it’s absolutely wonderful and gratifying to know so many people are following the Blue Bloods’ journey. YAY! I actually got up at 5AM not because I have a flight (I’m still on book tour) but because I couldn’t sleep my mind was buzzing so hard with ideas for the SIXTH book in the series, LOST IN TIME, which comes out next year. Oh yeah. I’m working on my outline. Figured if I can’t sleep I might as well work!

Thanks to all who have come out to see me on tour, it’s so nice to see you with your stacks of books! Old fans, new fans, it’s so nice to walk into a bookstore and see all your pretty faces! You guys rock!