Fun Fan Art! Bloody Valentine is a Bloody Bestseller! Whoo!

First off, just heard that Bloody Valentine debuted at #4 on the New York Times Bestseller List!!!! YAY!!! Go Bloody, Go Bloody, GO, GO, GO, BLOODY. And it also hit the USA TODAY list at #666. I mean #66. Heh.

The best way to celebrate? With some fan art!

I asked, you sent. You guys rock!

Here are some great pieces so far for our make-up bag giveaway. It’s not really a contest, you create something, and we’ll send you a signed Blue Bloods makeup bag. Good deal no? Please send your entries to me at Melissa AT Melissa DASH Delacruz DOT com. (Sorry I have to put it like that, spammers abound.)

From Natalia. A drawing of Mimi. In her white dress for the Masquerade ball! Fabuloso!

From Brittney, who made an album cover for her Song Mix. I love the title!

From Caroline, another rendition of Mimi at the masked ball. Saucy!

From Tina, who did a drawing of a vampire and a sexy girl. (If that’s not Blue Bloods I don’t know what is, heh!)

From Alicia, who drew Bliss. So great!

From Maria, who drew Jack. So cute!

From Molly, who did a cool dreamcast on YouTube! I like the photoshopped photos to make the actors look more like the characters!

From Christine, who did a nice banner, kind of like a “team flag”. Awesome!

Tomorrow, or later in the week, we’ll post the poetry! Please DO NOT SEND FAN FICTION.

Thanks all!