Art Project Contest! Win a Blue Bloods Make-up Bag!

Post-Holiday, Pre-Valentine’s Day, Blue Bloods giveaway!!!

So, I have 200 beautiful black patent shiny Blue Bloods makeup bags in my possession. What am I going to do with all these makeup bags?? Give them AWAY of course. To YOU. The vamperatti, the Blue Bloods faithful, the vampire elite!

The bags say “Red Blood” or “Blue Blood” or “Silver Blood” on them, and they are so handy-dandy to have in your purse to store your lipgloss, iphone, keys, whatever you need right away and don’t want to keep rooting in your large voluminous handbag for (it’s certainly helped me!) I put one in all my handbags and I put the same thing in each: sheer lipgloss, blotting papers, and Kleenex. I read about some lady who did this in a fashion magazine and it is so helpful! Now you don’t have to go around looking for your lipgloss (Is it in the leopard Lanvin? The Celine shopper? The Muse? The Birkin? Where the eff is that lipgloss?!?) 

So how do you get one of these uber-chic little things? Well, remember back in the day (2008) when we did that poetry contest for the Van Alen Legacy chapter sneaks? Yeah! That was fun! This is sort of like that, except I’m opening up to other artists, not just the poets out there. And YES we will ship internationally because why not? And also I grew up abroad and it always seems so not fun when you can’t be part of whatever is happening. And it’s so fun to hear when the books hit the bestseller lists abroad. So hello, international readers! We’re always thinking of you!

Okay. So how to win one. Oh, and I’ll sign them all. I have a silver sharpie. And yes. They look cool signed.

I just want to see some fan art, some fan poetry. No fan fiction though. Sorry, but that’s not part of the contest. Also, homemade trailers are cool.

Send a copy of your Blue Bloods inspired art project:

1) Poem.
2) Drawing. (Fan Art). Whatever. A Visual Thingy.
3) Book Trailer. You know one of those visual thingies that move. Can be a dreamcast. That’s cool.

Oh also, since this is a promotional giveaway, your entry must live online somewhere, either on your Facebook page, or blog or YouTube, or whatever. Because this is also supposed to spread the word about the books. You know, like, virally or whatever.

And we’ll choose 200 of our favorites to send a handy dandy Blue Bloods SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR makeup bag to your home!

So, when you send your entry, and it should be a LINK to your entry – since again – this has to live online somewhere. You can post it on Deviant Art or some other public site. Send your snail-mail home address. Your physical address. As in where in the world we should send your makeup bag. That is all. To my college readers: Darlings, whenever you enter one of my contests and my office tries to send you something, many of you forget to pick it up from your college mail center and it gets sent back to me. This annoys my assistants, who then have to keep sending it back to you in a never-ending loop. So please just send us your home address. Since we all know you’re too busy “studying” to pick up mail. And by studying I mean bar hopping and skipping class of course.

Send entries to me at this address: melissa at melissa dash delacruz dot com. Subject line: ART CONTEST.

Contest is open until we say it’s closed. We have 200 bags, and we’ll give em to everyone who wants one and makes us a cool art thingy or writes a cool poem.

Happy 2011!