More Fan Art Faves from the Giveaway!

More of my fan art favorites from the makeup bag giveaway! It’s not really a contest since everyone who sends me a link to a drawing, a collage, a fan-made trailer, a review, a poem, or anything creative, gets a signed Blue Bloods makeup bag! Just please DO NOT SEND FAN FICTION. It is not part of the giveaway as I cannot read it. We still have a bunch of bags left so send them over! Send to my email: melissa at melissa dash delacruz dot com, subject ART CONTEST.

On to my faves!

This is a fun collage by Jessica A. I love the bleeding heart!

Another fun collage by Chelsea, I like the view of Florence and the mask! So cool!

Lauren did a rendering of the Archangel marks: Lucifer and Michael’s. They actually look pretty bad-ass here, which we could never get right on our side. Thanks Lauren!

We got a couple remixes of our covers, and this one I liked a lot from another Jessica A:

And here’s one the best manga-inspired fan art by Seosa. Pretty awesome:

All of you, not just the ones shown here, are so talented!! I’m so glad to hear this has been fun for you, it’s been very fun for me too!  Thanks for sending them in. I promise I’ll get to the poems soon. Just easier to post the art right now.