Some Photos from Paris

Mike and I went to Paris for vacation! It was awesome.

Here we are at the Eiffel Tower. When we got to the Eiffel Tower I was exhausted from waking around all day. I was like “do we have to go up?” I was okay with just seeing it. But we went up.

Here I am in the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles. I’m not on the phone, I’m listening to the audio guide. The whole time I was in Paris I was thinking of my Art History teacher, who inspired so much of what ended up in Blue Bloods…Miss Murphy was one of those wonderful people who inspired her students…she had this enthusiastic, old-fashioned, girlish joie de vivre… she loved Paris and Florence and Versailles and Venice… and as a freshman in high school, I drank it all in… and put it in my books! Thanks Miss Murphy, RIP.

The incredible gardens of Versailles. No words.

Here we are in front of the palace. I am trying to look Parisian, with my scarf and my trench, but my husband insisted on dressing American, ie, in shorts.

We went to Centre Pompidou, and ate at the fancy schmancy Georges restaurant on the top floor, where they had these crazy architectural structures around the bar. It sort of reminded me of the old Conde Nast cafeteria designed by Frank Gehry. Now that Conde is moving down to One World Trade—are they taking the cafeteria with them?

A trip to Paris isn’t complete without the Da Vinci Code tour of course. Here I am at the Louvre where Mary Magdalene is buried. (Heh!)