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Blue Bloods Guess The Quote!

Who said it?

“Torture them if you have to. Do not spare them any mercy.”

Monday Giveaway!

Hey everyone!

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Mel is doing another giveaway of a signed book!

Giveaway rules

Just enter your name below in the comments section for a chance to win a signed copy of a Mel book of your choice!

Please enter your name only once, and a winner will be drawn at random.

You may enter your name until next Monday, Feb. 27th.

I will contact the winner once the giveaway is over, and it’s open internationally!

Good luck!

-Kady (Mel’s assistant)


On February 16, 2012, Karla had this to say: Do we ever get to find out what happened to Ben?

Answer: YES! Many, many questions will be answered including what happened to Ben, in GATES OF PARADISE which I am writing now.

On February 16, 2012, Jackie Valiente had this to say: Do you travel to those cities the books take place in? Or is it a lot of research?

Answer: Yes, I travel to the cities when I can, and I also hire a local research assistant who helps me with getting the details correct.

On February 16, 2012, Annabelle had this to say: When writing do you lay out a clear point to reach, that is set in stone, (e.g. Schuyler + Jack bonding or Cordelia dying) or do you not know what will happen until you finish writing?

Answer: For Blue Bloods, I always knew what was going to happen and then I write to build the scene. But it’s an organic process, I try out lots of different scenarios in my head and once I pick one, that’s the one that gets written. But I usually know all the big plot points.

Also, I noticed you guys were apologizing for the anticipation about Gates of Paradise. No need to apologize at all! How psyched am I that you are all waiting to read it?? It’s totally fine to be impatient, I get it. 🙂


Charles and Allegra’s Playlist

1. Penguin – Christina Perri
2. And I Love Her – The Beatles
3. Total Eclipse Of The Heart – Bonnie Tyler
4. Heartbreak Warfare – John Mayer
5. Happy In The Meantime – Lit
6. Littlest Things – Lily Allen
7. Bizarre Love Triangle – New Order
8. You Were Meant For Me – Jewel
9. Get Back In My Life – Maroon 5
10. Goodbye My Lover – James Blunt

Ask Mel!

Hey everyone!

Today is ASK MEL!

Every Thursday you can submit a question in the comments section below and Mel will choose one to answer!

Make sure to check her FAQ page before asking your question – make them good! And remember, she won’t give out any spoilers!

Have fun and hopefully your question gets chosen!

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